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Multicultural Media

Multicultural media exploded with growth over the last 45 years, paralleling an unmatched arrival of immigrants from around the globe. Approximately 50 million American adults relied on some form of multicultural media — print, online, TV, radio — for general news, politics, health, information, and entertainment. In New York, over half the state’s new majority of ethnic minorities named an ethnic news source as a reference.


IQ Inc has risen to meet the needs of the minority communities, which are becoming the new majority. For over 20 years, we have served these communities with relevant, authentic, and trustworthy news and information through our multicultural publications and radio programs. Our publications are The Immigrant’s Journal (English, Spanish & French Creole), Caribbean American Weekly, Workers’ World Today, and our latest, New Black Voices. Our radio programs are: Ask The Lawyer, People, Power & Politics, Labor Radio, and Ask Our Pastor.

Workers’ World Today

The best leader is the hardest worker. Whether it’s business, politics, unions, etc., we can identify our leaders by their work ethic. But not all workers get the rewards they have earned or the recognition they deserve. Our publication, Workers’ World Today, features news, views, and interviews empowering all workers with the recognition they deserve, and the rewards earned.


Workers’ World Today, founded in 2018, is a free publication is working with our Chamber partners, the Hispanic American International Chamber of Commerce (HAICC), the African American International Chamber of Commerce (AAICC), and the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), to achieve two unique goals: the Chambers and Workers’ World Today will, one, empower workers to start a union and, two, help all workers to make the transition from worker to a business owner. Is this a contradiction? NO; this is our new and real reality.


Workers’ World Today Columns: From Worker to Business Owner (ESOP), Workers’ Compensation, SSD & Personal Injury, The Good Shop Steward, Workers’ Rights vs. Students’ Rights, Civil Rights or Social Justice? Family: The True Modern Relationship, Home Ownership, Real Estate Development, Retirement, This Day in Workers’ History, We Are the Leadership, Around the Globe, Organizing a Union, Health, Education, Politics and Old & New Immigrants: Their Rights.

The Immigrant’s Journal

The Immigrant’s Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc. (IJLEF), founded in 1998, is dedicated to the diverse immigrant groups that constitute the rich fabric of New York. Our purpose is to educate and empower immigrant communities through developing and coordinating various plans of action on important issues crucial to their growth. In summary, our goals are:


• To educate the community members about the contributions that immigrants have made to the United States, economically and historically.

• To inform members of the immigrant community about the changes in immigration law, the educational system, health issues, voting rights, financial opportunities, and home purchasing.

• To legally assist and direct community members facing immigration and other legal problems.


For many years, new immigrants to the United States have been misinformed, embezzled, and denied opportunities. This resulted from the need for more credible publications and organizations geared toward new immigrants. Hence, The Immigrant’s Journal was launched to fill that void. The Journal provides up-to-date information on laws and regulations affecting immigrant communities and news and human interest stories. The Journal is published in English, Spanish, and French Creole. In March 2005, the first Annual Think Tank Conference: Protecting Immigrants, was held at the Brooklyn Museum, where the Immigrant’s Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc. Membership Program was launched. The event was a success, and the Membership Program currently boasts over 5,000 members.

New Black Voices

Founded in 2022, New Black Voices is a new, exciting, and bold publication. Our mission is to promote tolerance and understanding among all peoples and assist Americans and immigrants who are victims of racial discrimination.


Our mission is accomplished via the following:

• Planning, implementing, and strengthening local and national programs that promote tolerance and understanding among people of various ethnicities.
• Monitoring legislation, policies, and programs that affect the civil rights of Americans of color and immigrants in America.
• Providing informational, networking, and other assistance to our members and the general public.


We are ready to amplify the new black voices.

Caribbean American Weekly

Founded in 2005 and owned and produced by Caribbean people, Caribbean American Weekly (CAW) is a bi-weekly paper whose island flair does not preclude providing helpful information to immigrants from all countries of origin throughout the New York metropolitan area. The NY Daily News cited Caribbean American Weekly as the number one Caribbean-owned publication!


A bold new idea in newspaper publishing, CAW serves a blend of international news, sports, interviews, feature articles, political analysis without heavy controversy, local news, and informative columns to create a newspaper that readers read and share with others.


Moreover, the bi-weekly paper is accompanied by one of its three topic-specific inserts: Health Matters, CaribVillage, and Equity Smart Realty. With these rotating special interest sections, the publication can attract an audience beyond those interested in Caribbean-American and island life into the broader population of other immigrant communities, African and Hispanic-Americans, and small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We Are Your Gateway To A Target Market Worth Over One Billion Dollars…

Advertising in any of our publications is an excellent marketing strategy that will increase your visibility and your profitability by funneling your campaign directly to New York’s diverse population. Our publications can deliver your message through targeted direct response campaigns to promote, position and deliver your products and services among the Caribbean-American, Latino, African-American, Christian, business and immigrant communities. The Daily News publication cites Caribbean American Weekly, in the top three of New York’s leading Caribbean American-owned media outlets and the city’s largest circulated Caribbean newspaper. With a readership index of 3-5 per paper, that’s a target audience of over half a million. If you have an individual segment in mind, ask about our special supplements including health, real estate, wedding bells, franchising, independence celebrations, travel and more.

Multiculturalism Is Big Business

With a readership of 100,000 copies in New York City, our multicultural publications, The Immigrant’s Journal (English, Spanish and French Creole), Caribbean American Weekly, and Workers’ World Today have the base to reach your potential customers often and in high volume. Current advertisers run the gamut from real estate agents and law firms to health insurance companies, training schools, and more. You can also focus on your target market, even more precisely, by advertising in one of our niche inserts monthly. Do you provide services for African-Americans? Our newest and boldest publication, New Black Voices’ race-conscious articles, will attract the audience who can benefit best from your products and services. Are you looking to target the Caribbean-American community of over one million? Our publication, Caribbean American Weekly, is the perfect avenue. Workers World Today is a publication for all workers: blue and white collar and focuses on workers’ rights and unions. And, of course, the Immigrant’s Journal (English, Spanish, French Creole) helps you target NYC’s diverse immigrant communities.


We go beyond print. We offer multicultural radio programs (+ 20 years of being on air), digital marketing on our publication websites, and specialized events.

New York City has been described as the cultural capital of the world. The culture of New York is reflected in its size and ethnic diversity. Multiculturism is the presence of, or support for, the existence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society. We are multicultural, defined. We can help you! We deliver results.

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