We represent clients who strive for Diversity. Diversity without inclusion is inequality.



Whether you need to improve your profile, change public opinion on a policy issue, communicate in a crisis, communicate with people online or persuade voters with newspaper, television and direct mail that wins campaigns, we at Diversity & Inclusion, Inc. can help.


We have several integrated areas of public relations practice and we will choose from the best combination(s) for your campaign. We start with a clear assessment of what you need, and we build from there, acting as counselors and helping you implement the winning plan from start to finish. Your message, your goal, your success story.

In Summary

Media Relations & Earned Media


We use our unparalleled media contacts to earn consistent high-quality and high-profile public relations media coverage for our clients across print, online, and broadcast media, both mainstream and targeted.

Institutional Strategic Communications


We help build internal communications capacity, audit communications departments to help them restructure and help clients add the right communications staff.

Litigation Communications


We provide strategic counsel to clients involved in high-profile litigation, criminal investigations, regulatory proceedings and other legal crisis situations, helping them do battle in the court of public opinion while also defending themselves in a court of law.

Print & Out-of-Home


Traditional advertising venues are sometimes still the most effective. We take a fresh approach, combining new and innovative print and out-of-home options with established ones.

Brand Identity


We take a comprehensive approach to branding that starts with evaluating competitors and talking to stakeholders and ends with a unique identity system and style guide to suit our clients’ needs.

Digital Strategy


Combined with our creative and messaging teams, our digital practice brings a level of strategic expertise and experience that most other firms simply cannot. The digital practice, integrated throughout the entire client engagement, guarantees that the firm’s clients receive top-to-bottom strategic advice and execution.

Digital Advocacy


Launching a new organization or movement is a hugely important opportunity to build new audiences and drive an online conversation. The digital team implements online campaigns that identify and recruit new supporters to drive meaningful results around a big launch or moment.

Creating Moments


One of the most powerful tools online is creativity. Having worked with some of the biggest organizations, figures and issues around the country, the digital team will work with you to design a creative plan to change the conversation online around your issue and drive real results that leave a lasting impact online and on the ground.

Proprietary Curriculum


Our in-house media training curriculum has been honed over years of training sessions and is tailored to each of our clients’ goals.

At the Firm, we empower our clients to speak with confidence at events and during interviews on camera and off, by helping distill complex issues into compelling talking points and messages.


The digital team designs and builds websites that will drive users to a clear set of actions you want them to take and information you want them to see. All our web projects are responsively designed to work on all devices and browsers. Our in-house digital team is on the cutting edge of interactive campaigning. We create static and rich media ads and get more out of search ads than our clients think possible.

We work with spokespersons, elected officials, CEOs and advocates to give them the skills they need to anticipate and answer tough questions, demonstrate credibility, generate positive news and assert control in a crisis. We prepare our clients to anticipate and answer tough questions, enhance reputations and shape the outcome of any interview.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to know more about our services, please fill out the form below. Appointments are available from Mondays – Fridays from 10am – 4pm.

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