Political Consulting: Campaign Management and Strategy

When we talk about elections, the next thing that comes to mind is the political parties involved and their campaign measures. Every single election victory in this democratic world of ours can be linked to a great campaign strategy with a powerful management behind the wheels.


Irrespective of how qualified you or your candidate are, there can only be a victory if you invest in a reputable and professional campaign strategy management team to handle the entire process for you.


Concerning this, I.Q. Inc.’s strategies have stood up to meet the needs of political candidates and parties serious about winning. For years, we have used our research, marketing, publicity, and managerial skills to guide political parties, non-profit organizations, and many other businesses to a successful campaign.

Why you Should Trust us

When we handle your campaign and general publicity, you can be sure it will succeed. This is because we have an excellent track record, and our entire team – from the president to the newest recruit, is focused on the main goal of ensuring that your campaign is a success.


At I.Q. Inc. strategies, experts are assigned to every aspect that will make your campaign successful. We specialize in political consulting, campaign management, and political strategizing.

We Offer Expert Consulting Services

You don’t have to treat it with kid gloves when you set out to publicize your movement. We understand you have competition out there, so you need to consult us for political advice before making your campaign plans.


With our wealth of experience at I.Q. Inc. strategies, we will show you the loopholes in your previous setup and recommend better ways for you to go about your campaign.


Since we have worked with different organizations, we know that there are many subsets of campaigning, and we will help you organize every single aspect of it.

We Also Manage the Main Campaign

This is usually the part people see, and it determines whether they will follow your movement. As experts in this area, we know all the influential people and communities you should align with even before canvassing hits the ground.


Our passion for success is contagious, so we will positively affect your team, and they will all be motivated to keep spreading the values of your campaign, even when they feel tired.


Even if you already have a type of campaign in mind, we can help you revamp the idea and bring something more result-driven to life.


We have handled hundreds of campaigns over the years, and it is almost certain that changes will be made along the way. We will help you make those appropriate changes and will always be by your side until the end of your campaign.

We use Traditional as Well as Modern Methods

As much as we value the physical forms of the campaign, we also recognize the power of the internet. So, we have mastered using social media, especially Facebook political marketing, to boost the success of your campaign. We can manage the campaign, consult virtually, or send someone to your town or city.


We are experienced professionals, so we do things orderly without spamming your business on every page.


With IP marketing, we strategically target the particular demographic that your campaign will appeal to. Factors like location, industry, and age bracket help us focus on the right people to share your values with.


Cookies-based targeting is also an effective tool we use to share your purpose with the world. From how people behave on the internet, we will know those looking to support your movement.


Ms. Pearl Phillip, Chief Marketing Officer, I.Q. Inc.

Founded in 2005, I.Q. Inc. Marketing & P.R. is an international, full-service Company. In 2023, we were identified by our clients as one of the best marketing and public relations businesses in New York City because of our Diversity, Inclusion and Equality style integrated into our Business model, an important model for New York City and beyond. While we are headquartered in New York City, our clients’ targets are from all over the globe. Not only do we work with both domestic as well as international businesses, but we also work with clients across all industries. We are a results-driven team that works to get our clients’ marketing and media placements within print and online media resources. Thanks to our strong media investment and connections, we have helped our clients create a significant media buzz around their brand, political campaigns, offering, and events locally and throughout New York State. Caribbean American Weekly, the Immigrant’s Journal (English & Spanish), Worker’s World Today, and New Black Voices are just a few examples of the leading publications where our clients get featured regularly. We are essential partners for our clients who believe in Diversity, Inclusion & Equality as economically significant. If media buzz is not what you’re after but rather the need to manage your reputation in light of a crisis, we also offer crisis Marketing and P.R. services. Our team can quickly develop and implement a crisis Marketing and P.R. management plan to deal with negative publicity. To meet with our Chief Marketing and P.R. Officer, please schedule an appointment below, in-person or virtual.

To meet with our Chief Marketing and P.R. Officer, please schedule an appointment below,
in-person or virtual.

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