Our Introduction


Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, Inc., expertly advances your agenda by leveraging decades of strategic communications and public relations experience in media, politics, nonprofit and local government.


We believe diversity without inclusion is inequality. We, therefore, empower clients that aspire to incorporate diversity and inclusion as part of their agenda. We can help you directly engage with your target audience, preparing a strategic communications and public relations plan specifically tailored for your campaign.


We are experts at crafting a strategic plan for effective messaging, campaigning, community outreach, media relations, and grassroots mobilization. We train our clients both individually and as a group.

Issue Campaigns


We create and execute multi-faceted campaigns that motivate people to action, identify and motivate influencers and leverage all communications channels to advance our identified critical issues and proposed legislation.

Individual Sessions


We conduct specialized and tested individual training for media appearances, including video training and mock radio interview sessions, for the experienced and inexperienced interviewees.

Group Training


We conduct large and small group training for clients, their staff and senior representatives, teaching crucial skills such as message discipline, message delivery and best practices for engaging with the media.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality


Diversity without inclusion is inequality. Removing resistance to inclusion is our goal.

Blue-Collar, White-Collar & Union Partnerships


We leverage our affiliation with the Workers’ World Today Publication & its union partnerships to mobilize support for workers’ rights.

Land Use & Development


Our visionary approach is within a system where the developer, community and property owners all benefit from creative land use and development planning. When all parties contribute with clear disclosures, deals close faster.

Small Business Advocacy with Chamber Partners


With strategic relationships with the New American Chamber of Commerce, the African-American International Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic-American International Chamber of Commerce, we address procurement issues that minorities face with corporate America, as well as City, State and Federal government.

Continuing Support


Following our training, we provide ongoing preparation in advance of speeches and interviews and hold regular refresher mini-training to support our clients’ public relations goals.

Crisis Assistance & Management


Our approach to crisis planning is to avoid it, which is prudent. However, if there is a crisis, we will respond immediately. If negotiations fails or responses to public relations are not timely, we will respond with litigation and media support.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to know more about our services, please fill out the form below. Appointments are available from Mondays – Fridays from 10am – 4pm.

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